Our Journey: A Family Affair

Our Journey: A Family Affair

Belle & Bow Co is more than a business; it's a family passion and a dream nurtured during the Covid pandemic. When Belle, inspired by the need to reach out and connect with others during isolation, realised there was a gap in the local market for heartfelt 'thinking of you' gifts, she decided to take action.

With her husband, Jack, and their ever-busy 3 year old bundle of joy, Lottie, by her side, Belle embarked on a journey to create something special. Together, they curated a selection of gift boxes filled with bespoke, local products, all designed to leave a long-lasting impression while considering the environment and supporting fellow small businesses.

Belle's love for wrapping and gifting meaningful presents became the heart of Belle & Bow Co, a way to spread love and joy that lasts long after the occasion. She sought to offer others the same cherished experience.

Belle & Bow Co, truly is a family affair. Lottie often accompanies Belle on her deliveries, and Jack, with his quirky suggestions about ordering more milk chocolate freckles, plays a vital role in the business's behind-the-scenes magic.

Our Values: Supporting Local, One Gift at a Time

At Belle & Bow Co, we're dedicated to sourcing local and Australian-made products whenever possible because we understand the importance of supporting these businesses. Each gift we pick, pack, and wrap is done with love, making every order a source of joy for our family.

While we juggle the demands of a *threenager*, a busy working husband, and the nuances of daily life, we're committed to sharing our journey with you through Instagram and Facebook. Your likes, comments, shares, and purchases don't just support our passion and dream; they also play a crucial role in sustaining other local businesses.

Our Growth: From Pre-Made to 'Make Your Own'

Our business has grown from pre-made gift boxes to offering a 'make your own' service, alongside a treasure trove of stunning individual products and homewares sourced from all corners of Australia. We're on a continuous learning curve, with endless opportunities for change and growth on the horizon.

Thank you to the businesses we've had the pleasure of working with so far. Your collaboration has enriched our journey, and we look forward to the possibilities the future holds.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any gifting needs; it's what we specialize in!

With heartfelt gratitude and warm wishes, Belle, Jack, and Lottie 🌟

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