The Long Track Pantry - Jugiong, NSW

The Long Track Pantry - Jugiong, NSW

We are a huge believer in supporting local, regional or family-based businesses where we can. If we can support a local or regional business by purchasing their products for our customers, ultimately (for both of us) it keeps production and cash flow circulating, allowing business growth, promoting brand awareness and contributing to the food on our tables. 

Belle & Bow Co is located in the picturesque country town of Cootamundra in the beautiful Riverina. Best known for being the birthplace of famous cricketer Sir Donald Bradman, the town has lovely cafes, parks, schools and is an important agricultural hub.

There is an abundance of small businesses around Cootamundra producing outstanding produce and products so why not combine these for all of Australia to love.

Todays Brand Spotlight is - The Long Track Pantry

The Long Track Pantry is a country food store and cafe in the riverside village of Jugiong in Southern NSW. Jugiong is a locality and town on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, just 30 minutes from Cootamundra. This busy country café is renowned for its coffee, fresh local food, pantry items, and excellent services. Juliet and Huw Robb, owners of the Long Track Pantry, evolved in leaps and bounds with their product range and we are proud to offer some of their range here.

All handmade with love onsite, the iconic red and white stripe branding will intrigue any recipient and stand out in any home. Expect high-quality, deliciousness and overall satisfaction from any of their products.

Check out which Gift Boxes contain Long Track Pantry products here. Alternatively, reach out if you'd prefer something more customised to your needs.

Belle x

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